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Why Are Timeshares Bad?

Timeshare Bee Gone always wants to put timesharing in perspective.  The good the bad and the ugly will be the topic of this discussion.  So many people type in the search engines the question “Why Timeshares are Bad” and I will address that first.

Timeshares can be bad because a family will go on vacation participates in a timeshare presentation and they purchase a timeshare and they cannot really afford it.  The financial pressure of timeshare loan payments is really bad for people who cannot afford them.

Timeshares are also considered not good or bad if you do not use your timeshare.  Consumers’ aspirations of utilizing their timeshare every year are well intended but 40% of people who purchase do not use their timeshare every year and pay for it.

A Timeshare can also be considered bad if you are buying it as an investment.  Timeshares are bad from an investment perspective because it does not appreciate over time.  The good news is it does lock your accommodation cost in for life except for small incremental increases in your annual dues.  So, you do beat inflation overtime on your accommodation expense. That’s a good thing!

If you feel your timeshare purchase is bad and you want an exit strategy to cancel your timeshare we can assist with that at Timeshare Bee Gone. There is a legal remedy to terminate your timeshare and completely eliminate your payments and annual dues. 

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