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Are Timeshares Worth It?

Timeshares have been around since the 1960s and millions of people around the world own timeshares.  The big developers like Bluegreen, Westgate, Diamond, Hilton, Disney, and Marriott are selling billions of dollars in timeshare every year.

Do we have consumers out there that buy a timeshare that they cannot afford? Yes, it happens all the time where a week is purchased by a person or family, and on paper, they can afford it but in reality, it’s a stretch.

So how does a person buy a timeshare when they know it’s going to be tough afford?  There is one word that described this type of purchase. It’s the word EMOTION!  Emotion is a very powerful tool in the sales process.  Just imagine you on vacation in this really nice place with your family and having the time of your life. The kids are running around on the beach and having fun at all the area attractions.

Then you have your sales presentation with a representative from a timeshare company like Wyndham.  They show you the property and speak about all the exciting things you and your family can enjoy for the rest of their lives.  As a parent or from a spousal perspective you want to be that provider.  That’s the emotional response we have when we are enjoying ourselves and the opportunity to continue this enjoyment presents itself.

At Timeshare Bee Gone we have estimated that at least 10% of timeshare purchases should not happen because emotion gets in the way of a logical economic equation. It can be pretty tough on a young family when the yearly dues invoice hits for $600.00 and you need to buy Christmas gifts.

That’s why we created Timeshare Bee Gone! If you want to terminate, cancel, or get rid of your timeshare, please contact us so we can assist you in the process.