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Are Timeshares A Good Investment?

First of all, it is considered an illegal practice to sell timeshare as an investment. To sell investments you have to be licensed. Real Estate stocks are investments but timeshare itself has never been wrapped up into REIT STOCK and sold as a security.

In layman’s terms, timeshare should not be considered an investment. Timeshare weeks do not appreciate over time.  When you purchase a timeshare you are purchasing a deeded week of property, but the real benefit is savings over time.

Let me explain inflation is usually factored at 2.24% per year.  So your accommodation cost continues to rise every year whether you travel or not.  So in ten years if you rented at retail the same size accommodation relative to a timeshare week. In ten years your accommodation cost would be 22% higher.

So the timeshare purchase would save you on increased inflation expense. This is a considerable advantage for people who purchase timeshare and lock in their vacation accommodation expenses. 

Just think that oceanfront 3 bedrooms in a resort that’s not timeshare costs $3000.00 in the year 2000. In the year 2010, it costs $3,672.00. That’s where you win when you purchase a timeshare. You beat the cost of inflation.

So when you pass a timeshare on to your children and they actually use it 40 years after your purchase date the savings are incredible. 

Remember savings and investing are two totally different concepts. Timeshare is not considered an investment.

If you do not use your timeshare and its paid off then it becomes just, and expensive and you should get rid of it. The annual dues today can run from anywhere between $200.00 and $1000.00 per year. That adds up and becomes a pure expense if you cannot afford to travel and enjoy the upside savings of your purchase.

If you’re in a situation where you cannot use your timeshare and it becomes an expense burden get rid of it! Timesharebeegone can help you with legally terminating or canceling your timeshare. If it’s not fully paid off or your only paying dues we can assist you!